3137, Zenith, Transtar MTC5-3600, Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning System, 2006

3137, Zenith, Transtar MTC5-3600, Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning System, 2006

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24" x 36" x 15" Processing Basket Size.

316L Stainless Steel Tanks, Panels and Tabletop.

304 Stainless Steel Support Frame.

CROSSFIRE Multiple Frequency Ultrasonic Systems with Automated Frequency Selection Feature: parts can processed with 80kHz only for cleaning sensitive parts subject to ultrasonic damage.

Automatic Liquid Level Maintenance Systems: fills tanks to operational level fully automatically. All wetted tanks are equipped with this feature.

Automatic Rinse Quality Maintenance: Included Conductivity Meter in the Final Rinse Tank measures tap water quality and automatically adds fresh water to final rinse tank whenever water quality falls below a pre-set value.

Pump Drain System: Allows convenient draining means for all liquid-bearing tanks.

Particulate Filtration System: Liquid in the Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank is intermittently filtered by a Trade Size 4 Bag Filter System to remove particles from fluid in this tank. Plumbing is specifically designed to sweep bottom towards intake port for filter system to maximize performance.

Immersible Ultrasonic Systems: Rather than mounting transducers to the tank bottom, Zenith mounts its ultrasonic components into sealed stainless steel boxes which are mounted to the bottom of the tank.

Modulated Ultrasonic Generators: Zenith drives only 3 transducers per generator. In the rare event of a generator failure, ultrasonic energy is reduced by only a small faction, thereby eliminating possible down-time.

Automated Processing Tank Covers: Each tank includes a pneumatically-actuated stainless steel cover which open and close automatically to drastically reduce evaporative losses and improve the long-term integrity of the cleaning fluids in use. 

TRANSTAR Automation System: Manufactured completely of 304 stainless steel, this system transfers the baskets of parts through the system.  

Stainless Steel Immersion Heater System: Includes a PLC temperature Control features, and open-cell foam insulation.  

High-efficiency Dryer Tanks with Automatic Temperature Programming: Dryer tanks automatically change temperatures to match the parts being processed. Dryer tanks includes 2200CFM pressure blowers for fast drying results. 

Light Sensor Safety System: Zenith's light sensor system stops all moving components if operators enter the "safety zone" in front of the system.  

Ultrasonic Oscillation Program: Baskets can be oscillated and ultrasonically-cleaned at the same time during the included Oscillation Sequence included in every recipe. 

480-volt 3-phase Transformer

Compressed Air Dewatering Bowl, Lockout Air Valve, and Slow Start Valve.

Many other features.

Panelview Plus 600 Allen Bradley CNC Control 

1st Two Tanks are cleaning

Last Three Tanks are drying


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