2014 Ward Jet RRX-1016

2014 Ward Jet RRX-1016

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Built in 2012 - Installed in 2014 Hours approx 4000 16' x 40' capacity 4 head, and the holding tank is 1000 gallons R- Series Gantry Complete with one Z-Axis with cutting head Wardcam (1 seat), 11--lb. Abrasive Hopper, all high pressure tubing for pump up to 10' Gantry Abraisive feed tubing, Acylic side guards 2200lbs abrasive. Cutting Area with one standard head 480" x 192" R-Series Options Tank Ward Jet Welder on site to weld 16' Tank Ward Jet AS-60150, 60,000 PSI, 150 HP, 480V Ward Accessories Grate Job shop grates - complete set Heavy duty grates - complete set Gantry upgrades - Additional z-Axis with 60 kpsi Cutting head Double HP Whips to 60 kpsi cutting head each Height Sensors, per head Height sensor Video Android device with remote pendant controller software 60 kpsi pressure gauge, per pump Variable speed mini hopper upgrade per head AROS abasive removal - Only system - Precision Tolerance Linear motion upgrade 60 kpsi consumable parts kit Diamond orifice, each Cooling options Chiller for AS-60150 pump - 10 Ton/132,000 BTU, 460V Wardcam, 1 seat Pump Options Remote pump on/off X-classic Dual touch screen, on tool box on wheels Servo Drives a.k.a "The Brick" 4 Axis


ManufacturerWard Jet
Stock Number3095