2010 Trumpf 7000 CNC Tube Laser C02

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Both the A1 & A2 chucks were replaced a year ago with new ones.
This machine would have a 30' load and 20' automated unload but
can also be unloaded to 30' manually.
3600 watt laser, 25 pounds per Foot capacity with a 500 lb. max tube.
8000 lb. bundle load capacity,
Maximum tube size is anything that will fit inside a circumscribed 10 diameter circle.
Seam sensor. No bevel.
Air Supply 100-145 PSI
Nitrogen 435 PSI
Oxygen 232 PSI

460 Volt 60 Cycle

This machine has approx.. 45,000 hours and the resonator has approx… 20,000 since the original was replaced with 15,000 Total beam on.


Model7000 CNC Tube Laser C02
Stock Number3100