2007 Durr Special 95W Ecoclean Parts Washer

2007 Durr Special 95W Ecoclean Parts Washer

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Water Based

Batch size (max., approx.) 59" x 27.55" x 21.65"

Batch weight (max., approx.) 300 LBS

Throughput (approx.) 3 Batches/hour

Cycle Time (approx.) 20 min

Loader height (approx.) 45.28"

(Automatic conveyor)

Total fill capacity (approx.) 1981.5 Gallons

Work tank fill capacity (approx.) 501.98 Gallons

Flood tank 1 fill capacity (approx.) 581.24 Gallons

Flood tank 2 fill capacity (approx.) 581.24 Gallons

Flood tank 3 fill capacity (approx.) 581.24 Gallons

Aquaclean fill capacity (approx.) 132.1 Gallons

Cycle time is adjustable 

Actual throughput will depend on:

- Part type

- Degree of contamination 

- Type of cleaning process selected 

- Required treatment time.

Variable Heating Capacity 

Ultrasonic 15 x 1 Kw

Required air pressure (max). 6 bar

Cleaning agent Aqueous cleaner 

Dimensions & Weights 

Machine dimensions (approx.) L  272"

W 126"

H 129"

Set Up dimensions (approx.) Lx 341"

Wx 264"

Hx 138"

Safety clearance (S) 36"

Weight (unfilled approx.)

Standard Configuration 24,251 lbs

Automatic delivery system   5,952


ModelSpecial 95W Ecoclean Parts Washer
Stock Number3109